Ewe Bet Farm is your best source for locally grown, grass fed, USDA inspected lamb 

Ewe Bet Farm  All-Natural grass fed lambs are raised south of Bentonville Arkansas in a natural environment that consists of managed pastures with natural grasses and humane husbandry practices.

They graze on the natural grasses of the farm and any feeding supplementation is entirely vegetarian. The pure genetics and controlled feeding regimen give the lamb meat a tender texture and mild, yet rich flavor. This is gourmet lamb of the highest quality.  If you have a choice always opt for grass fed or organic lamb. Lamb raised on grass produces meat that is leaner, fewer calories, tender, fine grained, and has a more delicate flavor and contain more nutrients like vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally raised lamb.  Grass fed lamb is the healthy alternative to your everyday “feedlot sourced” meat products.

Locally grown high quality products from small farmers are in demand with consumers more then ever.
Our customers know where their food comes from 

and value their relationship with the local farm that raises a product they are proud to serve to family and guests.  We encourage farm visits and we even offer bed & breakfastaccommodations for out of town visitors.  Ewe Bet Farm products are regularly served at Tusk and Trotter American Brasserie.  Our leg of lamb was featured at the River Grille Steakhouse  2009 “Farm to Table” Four Course Dinner Special.
Please take a few minutes to see the many products we offer

Lamb is the meat from young sheep that are less than one year old. This red meat is very healthy and extremely delicious, having a very tender and buttery quality. It is usually available in five different cuts including the shoulder, rack, shank/breast, loin and leg.  We offer several recipe ideas to help make your lamb delicious and presentation outstanding.  We want your lamb dinner to be a meal to remember.

 When you stay at our Bed and Breakfast you are  only 15 minutes away from this world class experience.  Enjoy a pleasant farm stay, sample some of the region’s best food, shop ’till you drop, explore the Ozarks, and take in some of America’s most priceless masterpieces.  See what everyone is talking about:

One Comment on “Welcome”

  1. sandra647 Says:

    I came over from Stone Cottage, and love your site. The sheep are so beautiful. Nothing is better than roast lamb—-although I prefer not to think of how sweet they are in the fields. Not that it prevents me enjoying it on the table!

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